Handmade Natural Soaps from Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Desert Soaps
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
  Chuspata Basket: Handwoven basket  filled with 8 bars of soap.  
Desert Soaps Pack
  Chuspata Basket (25 cm x 13 cm)   Desert Soaps Pack  

This handwoven basket made from Chuspata, a weed that grows in Michoacan, was made to hold 8, 2 oz. bars of Desert Soaps. A wonderful way to sample the variety of Desert Soaps.


Two Desert Soaps (5.5 oz. bars) packed together in shrink-wrap and tied with raffia.

Mini Reed Box with tin logo on top: contains 1  Desert Soap and a Lip Balm.
Mini Basket for two small soaps.
  Pack of Pieces   Mini Basket (10 cm x 7.5 cm)  

Three different soap pieces (5.5 cm x 4 cm) tied with raffia. Each soap is slightly under one ounce.


Small hand-woven basket made for two of our colorful 2oz. bars of Los Cabos soaps.

mini copper box filled with soap
tin bags filled with soap
  _Out of Stock_ Mini Copper Box (8.5 cm x 6 cm)   Baja Sol Pack  
  Designed to fit two hotel size bars (1 oz. each), this copper box can be made with any logo.  

Two Baja Sol soaps (3oz. each) and Lip Balm packed together.

Triple Soap Pack: 3 bars of variously colored and scented soaps.
Baja Sol Crate: 2 Baja Sol Soaps and a lip balm.
  Triple Soap Pack   Baja Sol Crate (17 cm x 10 cm)  
  A variety of 3 uniquely colored 2 oz. bars individually scented in a simple corrugated cardboard and raffia wrap.   Two Baja Sol Soaps (3 oz. each) and Lip Balm in a painted wooden crate with plastic wrap.  
Bolsa Celofan: 2 small bars of Desert Soaps  packed in a pleasing clear wrap.
Cadboard Box of Soaps
  Bolsa Celofan   Cardboard Box  

Two 1 oz. bars of Desert Soaps in a little cellophane bag.

  This small paper box, which holds 4 hotel size Desert Soaps (1 oz. each), is printed all over with our hand drawn artsy logos. A great little sample pack of soaps.  
Window Box with 3 Soaps
Bolsa Celofan: 2 small bars of Desert Soaps  packed in a pleasing clear wrap.

Window Box (7.5 cm x 6 cm x 7.5 cm)

  Psychedelic Pack  
  This cardboard box with “windows” on all sides, contains an assortment of 3 different 3.5 oz. soaps. Each soap has a unique aroma and color to make this an amazing gift pack with a nice variety of soaps.   This small package contains two 2oz. bars, shrink wrapped together and tied with raffia.  
Yute, a natural fiber, is woven into a small rough bax and filled with 2 bars of Desert Soap.
Handmade Paper Box covered with colorful handmade paper and filled with 2 Baja Sol Soaps
  Yute Bag   Handmade paper box (13 cm x 8 cm)  
  A small, handmade bag of the natural fiber “Yute”, designed to fit 2 full size 5.5 oz. bars of Desert Soaps and a 1 oz. Desert Lotion Bar.   Cardboard box covered with handmade paper with a tin logo on top. Fits two 3 oz. bars of Baja Sol soaps.  
Three Soap Balls wrapped in a sring of clear celophane.
Soap Collars: a string of small offcuts of soap threaded on a roap.
  Soap Balls & Mini Soap Balls in Celophane   Soap Collars  

3 soap balls with different aromas and nutrients packaged in celophane. These soap balls are made with shredded offcuts from all of our soaps and rolled in nutrients such as flowers, oats, bark, and clay. A wonderful way to recycle.


A string of small offcuts of soap made into squares and balls threaded on a rope.

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