Handmade Natural Soaps from Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Desert Soaps
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
The Desert Soaps logo of two cactii and the sun, a common site in  Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Damiana Desert Lotion
A moisturizing lotion for all skin types. All natural with extracts of Damiana (the Desert's Aphrodisiac) & Chaparral. Made with olive & sweet almond oils, Cocoa Butter, beeswax, well water, borax, desert plant extracts & fragrance or essential oils.
A massage lotion
A sensual potion
A gift from the Desert
  This 4 oz. glass jar is available in Lavender, Lavender-Vanilla, Gardenia, Plumeria, and Cucumber. New scents: Sage and Rosemary Mint, are made with organic essential oils from Pescadero.  
Baja Sol Lip Balm
Our other body-care products consist of very moisturizing body and face lotions and soothing lip balm. These products contain native plants from the desert.

This soothing lip moisturizer is specially formulated in the Baja Desert to lessen and relieve the drying effects from wind, sea and sun. Comes in 2 flavors: minty and fruity

Lip Balm: Tubes of soothing lip moisturizer.
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Desert Lotion Bars
This lotion-in-a-bar is the perfect protective and soothing solution to dry skin caused by desert air, salty sea breezes or cold dryness of the high sierras. A healing moisturizer, this bar contains native beeswax, honey and plants, all harvested locally in the Baja Desert.
2.4 oz. bar
1 oz. bar
Damiana Desert Lotions 2oz

We can customize fragrances for your spa or hotel.

Great for massage.
We also sell in bulk for use in spas and for hotels that use refillable bottles in the rooms.

Desert Sunblock

A 2 oz. (56 grams) tin container with lid, Desert Sunblock is easily stored for traveling whether in your car, bag or backpack.

Baja Sol Sunblock

Specially formulated to protect your face and lips from the sun, this zinc sunblock fits in boardshort and wetsuit pockets for reapplying during long hours in the water. .15 oz. (4 grams)

Our solid white sunblock contains natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide combined with chaparral infused olive oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. This sunblock has been formulated for water and outdoor enthusiasts. Contains no chemicals or nano-particles.

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